First Responders


My colleagues and I strive to help those who have dedicated their lives to assist the public.

Whether you have questions about  something that worries or concerns you, or perhaps noticed signs that something is not quite the same in your functioning,  in how you feel, we want you to feel welcome to come to us and ask the questions which can help you decide what to do next.

This could be just feeling reassured right in the moment, or, taking a first step towards prevention. We would like to help you decide on the course of action that will make sense to you and offer some relief from the pressure that may be part of what you experience when you are not sure. Most of all, we want to offer you a feeling of welcome that will enable you to take a step in the direction of health and quality of life when the balance starts to slip.

My colleagues and I are especially experienced in helping police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and other “helpers”, in preventing a deterioration in functioning, in getting well when there are already signs of that loss of balance, and in staying well when the hard work of getting well has already been done.

We have worked extensively with police officers and other helpers. So you might find that from the perspective of professional training and experience, but also from the perspective of personality and life experience, we understand very well the pressures and challenges that you may be dealing with…..and how much may be at stake.


If you are not sure, or need more information, please read more about triaging for signs of difficulties, PTSD and other disorders, what PTSD is and what it is not.

See our Frequently Asked Questions related to PTSD: read more...