West GTA Region Alliance of Psychologists

Western Alliance Team

West GTA Region Alliance of Psychologists 


We are in the process of creating an enhanced and efficient referral and treatment co-operative to better serve our clients and the public.  Our respective practices are the building blocks of this alliance and links we offer on this website.  Stay tuned as we continue to evolve in this endeavour. We are planning to work and refer to each other.  We work in independent consultation with each other and have a vast area of expertise that is covered due to the experience that each one of us brings to our practices.  Many of us have over 30 years of clinical and forensic experience in psychology.  Most of us have been in psychological practice for at least two decades.  We have all been active in various practices in the profession of psychology.  Because we cover such a large region with our practices, we will be able to assist a larger geographical region, but also are able to assist in a more professionally comprehensive manner, such that any referral will likely be accommodated efficiently and quickly. 


We are a practice of independent psychologists with extensive experience in the areas of clinical, forensic, criminal, and health- rehabilitation psychology.  We work in independent alliance with each other and refer to psychologists in the areas west of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  For a description of our services and individual psychologists, please refer to the relevant areas on the website.