Treatment Approaches

Dr. Lorenz & Associates focuses on both highly special psychological evaluations for various purposes and, treatment approaches.  Treatment can consist of both in-person consultation as scheduled or alternatively, in most cases, virtual care treatment is possible through Medeo. 

Treatment approaches depend on the needs and purpose of the planned treatment and will be decided on between psychologist and client/patient.  Some, but not all, treatment approaches are as follows:

  • Hypnosis:  for anxiety disorders, including PTSD; depression and depressive symptomatology; various phobias; painful conditions and health rehabilitation.
  • Cognitive and Behavioral: these approaches are often included and combined with all other treatment approaches.
  • Logotherapy:  an approach that helps to identify a sense of purpose and long-term goals in treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Visualization/Imagery:  an approach that includes imagery and art, such as drawing, painting, film and photography, can be used in a more comprehensive treatment plan where more complex or difficult issues are reviewed. 

    Treatment can be short in many cases and consist of pointing someone in the right direction or, can be more long-term, depending on both need and objective.



Populations treated include: 

  • clients in their teenage years (ages 12 to 17);
  • young adults;
  • adults and seniors;
  • geriatric clients; and,
  • couples and families. 


 Assessments are undertaken for: 

  • screening and preventive purposes (for example, “safeguarding” assessments for police and other organizations);
  • complete forensic assessments (court);
  • complete psychological assessments (personal injury cases); and,
  • assessment for treatment planning and/or assistance with treatment by other practitioners who have not or cannot complete a full psychological assessment for any reason.
  • Brief assessment for a consultation 



When needs are identified that cannot be addressed in our practice, we refer to other practitioners in our network across the Western GTA.