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Our Programs

We are pleased to announce the development of several new group treatment programs. These were developed recently for the following populations, and adapted from previously offered successful evidence based and researched programs:

  1. First responders and allied professionals.

  2. Front-line healthcare workers and medical personnel (currently suffering from COVID related burn-out and mental health issues).

  3. Patients with chronic and treatment resistant types of depression.

  4. Patients with chronic and treatment resistant anxiety disorders.

  5. Patients with chronic medical conditions such as chronic pain conditions and syndromes.


Depending on the group participant population, different priorities and goals may be set; triaging will be part of the process to start.


Prerequisites for acceptance into the programs and participation in any of the currently announced group and individually structured programs for anyone interested in these treatment programs are as follows: 


The interested individual needs to have or did recently participate in individual treatment and has a treatment provider or therapist and is willing to commit to individual support, so that the group programs are supported by an individual psychologist or other treatment provider, who will support the process on an individual basis. Collaboration between treatment providers is also a prerequisite, for the benefit of the group participant, and for prevention of any adverse reactions to the program.


Program Details
The group treatment programs are specifically developed based on previously offered group treatment programs which are evidence-based and have been part of a double-blind process research protocol in the past. All programs are 10-week closed coping skills group programs which implement an integrative approach between coping skills and more recently updated protocols and treatment approaches, which predominantly will use hypnotic process. These are offered in combination with well-known therapeutic process-based approaches.  

Psycho-education for the development of resilience and coping skills will be one recognized goal, and is offered in combination with the development of a focus on positive visions for future goals, the enhancement and development of new and stronger resilience factors and establishment quality of life.

Learn more about our programs here

A New Structured Group Treatment Program

This will be a six-week structured group program with a maximum of five participants, which will lead participants through inspired ways of determining needs for change, defining goals and arriving at purpose. This will be offered to participants who have already completed sufficient treatment sessions to enable them to move forward and defining any new searches for goals and purpose in their lives. The program is “closed”, meaning that it is a program that builds from one session to the other and cannot be started in the middle of the program.  


Individuals who have completed the Coping Skills Programs also offered in my practice and described on my website, may wish to take part in this smaller group program, where a more defined and focused journey to create “sanctuary”, purpose and life goals can be accomplished.  


Group formats are helpful where companionship with others enhances the treatment goals. The main focus method will be guided by hypnotic approaches.  This is based on the premise that alternative and sometimes unconscious processes can be much more efficient and helpful to achieve a better outcome than remaining with purely conscious processes, such as didactic and cognitive-behavioural approaches alone. 


For more information, please contact us.

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When needs are identified that cannot be addressed in our practice, we refer to other practitioners experienced in the requested areas.


You may contact us via telephone or via a contact form. Please do not include an personal or private medical information in the contact form.  

A brief intake process is completed over the telephone or via email. 

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